Monday, 28 May 2007

Long time no post....

It seems like forever since I got round to writing on this thing...I blame work. The new job is keeping me very busy which means I have less time to muse!

So what has happened since the last posting - well the marine tank now has two Clarki Clown Fish, 2 Yellow-Tailed Damsels and a Firefish (very pretty but very shy). As we speak I am acclimating a blood shrimp to the tank. He is not the happiest little shrimp at the moment, but hopefully that will pass and he will settle down.

There is also a figure of 8 puffer going into the tropical tank - he is beautiful, I just hope he isn't ultra destructive....there are plenty of snails for him to chomp on though - so he should be fine.

As far as OU goes things are still fairly hectic. I am finally getting over the horror that was M253, and managed to get my final TMA for M263 in on time. The result truly shocked me - 99% - guess I know more than I thought I did. We will have to see how I fare in the exam - which is no the 11th June. It will be my first exam in 8 years so I am not expecting miracles!

M255 TMA 02 is due this week (24th) and luckily it is finished. Also MST121 TMA_04 is also due for submission. That has been written for a while so all I have to do is to remember to put it in the post next week and that will be all of my level 1 courses done and dusted (I have already submitted the last CMA for MST121). There have been no results for M253 as of yet. I have provided the OU with my feedback on "the worst course ever" though.

In other news I am back at the gym - it has been a real mental struggle after being out for so long with my back but, touch wood, it is going really well - and I am much much happier in myself because of it.

Hopefully won't be another month before I post my next entry!

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