Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mangled Brain!

Well I have just come back from my holiday - on the Queen Mary II - and it was wonderful - and to commemorate there is a new photo - which actually includes me - on the blog.

I will get round to a proper update in the near future, M255 is going well and the final assignment is being checked for as we speak. However, all the learning I have had to do coupled with the break has pushed all useful information out of my brain. This morning when I got to work I had forgotten my pass code to get in and had to be let in by the receptionist.....ah well.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Open University Boost I needed

Having been jaded with the whole OU experience recently (mainly because of the M253 horror) I have been given the boost to get back on with things that I needed.

Two course results have been returned - and by heck they were good ones.

MST121 - my second mathematics course - was returned and I had OCAS and OES scores of 98%. Unsurprisingly I really enjoyed this course, but was still pleasantly surprised by how well I performed on the last two assignments.

But, the big surprise was M263 - Distinction (WOO HOO!). I am so happy (although the question I performed most badly on was not actually the question that I thought I had stuffed up - strange but true). It was a very valuable experience in exam technique and I am relieved to have got off to this flying start as far as graded examinable components for my degree are concerned. It has given me the boost to get stuck back into M255 to see if I can reproduce this feat. :)