Wednesday, 10 September 2008

M256 - TMA 04

With the 11th September deadline looming for the final M256 TMA, I am happy to say that I managed to answer all the questions and have submitted my best effort. This will mean that I get the chance to enjoy my birthday, and gives me a clear run for the exam on October 13th. I should have a great deal of time to spend on revision given that my current job ends on September 25th, and I don't take up my next position (teaching Pharmacy at the University of Hertfordshire) until 3rd November - so hopefully the things which are still a little fuzzy will have crystallised in my mind by then.
I have to say, I found the latter half of this course much more enjoyable than the first bit, which I thought was dry and uninspiring. I found it much easier to become interested and involved with the more esoteric discussions surrounding usability in the later chapters than the specific language and structure required of, for example, requirements documentation in the earlier part. Like M263 it has been a course of two halves. On reflection I have enjoyed this course. Lets hope the exam isn't too bad.

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