Monday, 22 January 2007

MST121 - TMA 2 Result

Well I received this TMA back in record time and was very happy with the result - a 96 to add to the 100 for TMA 1 which puts me on track to do very well in this course.

The feedback from the tutor (and his general level of interest) is far better than any other course I have taken and really helps my understanding. He obviously has a great deal of expertise in teaching older students.

The next TMA is Calculus - it was always a little bit of a mystery to me during A-Level Maths, so I don't think I will be reaching the dizzying heights achieved for TMAs 1 and 2 - but I seem to be understanding it a bit better second time around, so perhaps it will go well too.

All in all I am zooming through the course - the final Block, Statistics is something I was very good at at A-Level - mainly thanks to an excellent teacher in Mrs Clark (who is responsible for me passing the A-Level!) so I am looking forwards to refreshing my memory with regards to that.

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chuchi said...

hi i am also a new student to mst121 and currently trying to do my TMA 02 but I am stuck with q1 part c and d and was hoping someone can help a bit as my tutor is impossible to contact and generally not too good with e- mail either.

I am just wondering - do you have to change all the parameter in q1 c - mathcad file and what approch for part d....