Thursday, 29 March 2007

The OU Madness Continues

With TMA 03 looming for M263, and TMA 01 Part 2 due for M255 and having just handed in TMA 30 for M253 I almost forgot about TMA 03 due for MST121.

I think the moral of this story is do not do four concurrent courses - it is too much. Luckily M253 is now finished, and both MST 121 and M263 are coming to an end (at least I don't have an exam for MST 121!) and I think I will slip down to 2 courses a year - one starting in Feb and one starting in October - that amount of overlap I can manage!

Anyway - I didn't forget MST 121 and sent off TMA 03 - dreaded calculus. As usual it was marked in extra quick time, and I got the result in the post yesterday - 99%!!!! How cool is that - this is much better than I thought I would do (suppose it is a question of confidence, and past experiences having struggled with calculus at A-Level). It is nice to be lifted by a positive learning experience after the disappointment of M253.

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