Friday, 7 December 2007


Well, M257 is underway and seems to be going okay at the moment (although to be honest the first 5 modules didn't have a lot of new content when compared to the course I have just completed (M255)). The results for the first TMA were good, and I have completed (although not submitted) the second one - which should give me a nice leisurely run up to Christmas.

I have signed up for M256 which begins in Feb, and is the last of the Level 2 courses I need to complete - reading between the lines it seems to be more discursive than both M257 and M255 so I might have to put a slightly different slant on things whilst I am studying.

I toyed with the idea of running a Level 3 course simultaneously in Feb, but ultimately decided against it. I think it probably would have been manageable if I hadn't had M257 running too - but 80 points would put too much of a strain on things I think. The current setup with the course means that I won't be able to follow my one in Feb, one in Oct model for the Level 3 courses as all of them only run once a year and begin in Feb. Seems a bit strange 60 points all in one go, and then nothing for a couple of months and I need to read the comments and reviews and talk to the course convenors to work out the best combinations. I still think it is important to keep the 60 points a year model - otherwise I won't be graduating until 2012!

Off out for dinner this evening - the first of a long list of festive bashes. Deep breath everyone......

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