Tuesday, 13 May 2008

And the results are in......

Okay - so back from Florida (wonderful by the way - thoroughly recommend it) - and had the results for two assisgments waiting for me M257 TMA 04 and M256 TMA 01. Have to say that I wasn't expecting great shakes from either of them, and yet both came in at a respectable 92%.

The majority of the marks lost for M257 TMA 04 came from my inability to answer the last part of the last question.....I still don't fully understand the tutor's answer, so I guess that is something I will have to wait to grasp....or never will. Either way it was tough - and I would hope that the exam wouldn't throw up anything quite as demanding.

With M256 TMA 01 the majority of marks were lost on the first part (i.e. supposedly the easiest bit) of the TMA - where I lost five marks from not reading the question properly. Otherwise there were no major problems to report.

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