Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I am currently working really hard on getting TMA 02 for M256 done and dusted so that I can concentrate on revising for the M257 exam on 18th June.

Have managed to get two of the three questions completed - and aim to begin the third one this evening. If I can have the TMA done by the 18th May (5 days) that will give me a full month to for the run-up to M257. I am nervous (as always) about the exam, mainly becuase of the new short answer style for the first 10 questions, and then a choice of 2 from 3 extended answers.

The last exam I did (M263) where I had to chose 2 from 4 questions I ended up picking (in retrospect) the wrong one. Not convinced that I won't do it again this time......

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