Friday, 1 December 2006

M253 - Submitted

Submitted TMA 1 for this course today - I am very relieved it is out of the way and I can spend the next two weeks reading around the resource sheets for the next part of this course.

The level of participation in the group over the last couple of weeks has not been high - perhaps this is because the reality of the looming deadline has hit home. Oh well, best not to dwell- I can't make people participate.

The next OU decision to make is whether or not to sign up for a course beginning in February. With M253 finishing in March, and having seen a lot of information from MST 121 already at A-Level Maths, it would only mean I would have M263 to really study for. It would also mean that I am progressing towards completion of the degree - which after all is my ultimate goal - at a reasonable pace.

I have until the 15th December to make that decision. At the moment I am thinking it might be worth the stress of having 4 courses running at the same time, if it means getting to my goal as quickly as possible.

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