Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Deadline Blues - M253

Why is it that courses are designed so that all of the deadlines come at once?
Having submitted my TMA for M263 last week I had to worry about M253 this week.

What has worried me most about M253 is the fact that it is all team-based, and that my team seem to be quite good at procrastination and/or letting other people do the work. I know that it isn't the best course in the world BUT if you are going to do something perhaps you should put some effort in - even if it isn't the programming stuff that you are really interested in. Heck, I know that it drives me crazy, but I think that people who program computers should also learn to communicate with those who don't - and am pretty sure that this is what the course is aimed at.

I can honestly say that if it wasn't for me and a girl in the group that we would have failed to meet our deliverables for this assignment - I am also really tee'd off that the other six members of the group are going to earn a large portion of their grade based on our hard work.

So anyway, I have completed all of the individual components required from me for the assignment and am awaiting on a group-generated decision for the rest. Having said that, my heart wasn't in the assignment at all - I felt like I was going through the motions - and as such I think the mark will reflect that. What is more worrying is that I am not sure that I care.

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