Thursday, 23 November 2006

Looming Deadlines

I am currently studying part-time for a degree in Computing with the OU. Having passed M150 last year (and hopefully MU120 this year) I am currently studying 3 courses - MST121 - Using Mathematics (which will complete the level 1 courses that I am required to take for the BSc. (Hons)), M263 Building Blocks of Software and M253 Team Working in Distributed Environments.
Both M253 and M263 have deadlines for TMA 01 of the 4th December.

Although I have completed TMA 01 for M263 (and am working on TMA 02 as we speak) I find the whole rigmarole of M253 very frustrating - mainly because the situations seem to me to be so contrived i.e. we are meant to be designing a computer system that will aid on online travel agency. What really gets to me though is the notion of 'reflective practice' in that once you have arrived at a decision you have to take time to think about how that decision was arrived at, and give evidence - which are mainly from posts to the team conference. Having worked in industry now for seven years I have never once been asked to reflect upon how a decision has been made - is it relevant in the world of work?

I understand the need for a communication skills element to any degree (it was the same with my first degree in Chemistry) but can't help think that there would be a better way of doing this...

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