Wednesday, 22 November 2006

House Renovations

So, my partner and I are renovating a house in Ely which eventually we hope will be a bed and breakfast - this is all whilst I work full-time.... anyway I just had a phonecall to say that the last bathroom (of five) has been finished being installed and that we can move forwards with decorating and getting the carpets in - hopefully before Christmas. It is bizarre to think this is almost complete (having been working on the house since last August as a part-time project) and that the real hard work of getting out of bed on a morning to cook breakfasts before I go to work is due to start in the New Year. Even more strangely is we already have our first full-time guest - a girl I currently work with. She is very good at coping with the work that is going on around her and the two demented field spaniels who attack her every morning.

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