Thursday, 23 November 2006

Picture Perfect

As I am becoming more familiar with this thing I am getting more adventurous :)
You can now see a picture of my babies - 2 and a half year old field spaniels called Lucy (the ginger one) and Bracken (the black one). They are litter mates and sisters and special in every way!


Miss Indecisive said...

Your dogs are really cute! I have a spaniel her names leila and she's black and white only a year old! we're having trouble training her off the lead! could you give any tips??

SB Kirton said...

The only trick I have is to have something tasty and or squeaky when she is off the lead - the minute she gets distracted, squeak the toy and when she comes to you reward her. It worked quite well for keeping my two to heel when necessary!!