Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Seems that the assurances I was given for M253 weren't worth the time I spent listening to them.

I get to stay in the team I am in. Great.

The debate from the people who actually convene the course centred on the fact that the M253 experience was negative for just about everyone - and that they didn't care about this. Apparently I can learn something valuable if I become self-critical as well as critical of others. HELLO? Pot and Kettle - perhaps if they were a little self-assured and took time to listen to the DELUGE of complaints this attempt at a course they might be able to implement something that the students will enjoy. I'd love to see the evidence that supports the fact that people who are unhappy in their studies learn as much as people who enjoy them......I won't hold my breath.

Their justification for not being overly concerned by this atrocity of a course? People have finished the course 'successfully' in other presentations, and the situation is not entirely unrealistic.

I am really disappointed in the OU who appear to offer the minimum in terms of pastoral support for students who find themselves in my position.

Guess I will just sit the final Milestone out. The pride that I have taken in my work for this course so far doesn't seem to have achieved a great deal.

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