Monday, 5 February 2007

M253 - Milestone 2 Submitted - New Horizons abound

Well after all that effort the Milestone for TMA 2 was submitted on time.
I was amazed at how all the dodgy internet connections managed to resolve themselves in time for me some members of the group to download the finalised version of the team document.
Strange that.

Still hopefully there will be a resolution to that problem. My request to be transferred out of the team has been granted, based on my dissatisfaction with the amount of effort the majority of the team put in, and consequently the disproportionate amount of time I was having to dedicate to M253. Although I actually didn't mind this, I did feel quite aggrieved to be constantly criticised for 'taking over' and 'interfering' by one of the group members, with little support from the others even though they were content to be structured in the way I suggested.

Even if I go to a team with as little motivation as the one I am currently in I think I will do better in the final ECA because of it. There simply won't be the time to build up the resentment towards the course and one another that pervades the discussion in the team I am currently stuck with. I have simply done all I can to work with this team, and feel that if I stay I will become a very destructive force.

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