Monday, 19 February 2007

M253 weirdness

So despite the teeth gnashing and wailing the results for TMA 02 came back and I ended up with 83%. This is okay - but I am not exactly sure how it came to pass.

The comments from the tutor seemed to indicate that there were several areas that a) the team and b) I personally had failed to reflect on and consider (it is difficult to consider everything in 1000 words) and yet the results still came back as high as they did.

I think that I have decided I have no idea what this course is trying to teach me. From the comments that I have received there are a whole load of points that I personally am missing, and that the team as a whole if failing to realise, and yet we end up with marks like this.

Perhaps it simply is a question of jumping through the hoops, and that we are entitled to a grade because we have managed to put up with the course for as long as we have.

I am unable to contribute to the final stage as much as I would have liked to, mainly because I start my new job on 1st March (how exciting is that!). Perhaps this means I will get more out of M253 for the last assignment than I have for the other two. Having read comments from other students on the course it would seem that I was almost putting too much effort in.

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